Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lunar Discoveries with John Cannon

This week, developer John Cannon tells us how he keeps up on the gaming industry and creates cosmic fractal images:


Flipcode gathers interesting news and articles in graphics/game programming. There is a daily post with several links about advances in game rendering, theory, indie development, etc.


An image I made with Fragmentarium.

This is an awesome open source application that lets you play with 3D fractals. It does raytracing of fractals and if you want, you can change the equations used to define the fractals and even animate them. And it makes really cool images. This is a lot of fun for people who like math and 3D graphics. It's also a great way to learn about raytracing if you're in to that.


What would happen if you combined the original Mario NES game with Portal? Mari0 would be it. That's right, Mario has a portal gun. Everything else is the same except for the physics that were required to make going through portals work. There are some other features you can turn on if you want once you finish the game. I haven't gotten there yet, but there appears to be a bullet time effect when you kill enemies. There's even a level editor. This is my favorite form of Mario, I think. And it's free.

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