Monday, March 25, 2013

Golem Project Update #18: We Are Going To Make This Game!

49 days ago we here at Moonbot Studios launched our Kickstarter project for the epic video game, The Golem. 20 days into the campaign we announced Guillermo del Toro as a creative partner. Now, we’re closing in on our deadline. It’s not looking like we will hit our goal.
However, we still see this Kickstarter project as a success:
  • 1: We have been able to validate our ideas for this game and receive constructive feedback from you in order to make an even more compelling narrative-based game experience.
  • 2: We are 2000+ fans stronger than we were when we began. And it’s because of you that we want to make this project happen now more than ever.
So here is the plan: we are still going to make the game. Doors are opening for us and we’re securing funding from a more traditional source. However, we still want to make this game with your help. We’re going to launch our production blog so we can stay in touch with you and keep getting great advice along the way. It'll be public so anyone can help out.

We want to give our backers a big thank you, so please go to now and sign up for our Golem VIP Email List. Registration will be available for only one week, so tell your friends and get on board now. It'll be the first place you'll find out about the launch of the production blog.

It’s a blast to experience the creative process of make games and films. Why should we keep that all to ourselves? We want you to share in this journey with us!

Thank you so much for your belief in our studio and this game. This has been a phenomenal experience and we are excited to continue having you as a collaborator on The Golem.

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Jon R. McClung said...

Will the Kickstarter Rewards be available for purchase through other means?