Thursday, March 13, 2014

Lunar Discoveries with Kendra Phillips

The moonbots find lots of terrific things on their lunar adventures. This week, we asked CG Generalist Kendra Phillips to share her favorite discoveries:

Beautiful Death

Anyone who's walked by my desk knows my love for Game of Thrones is no secret. In anticipation of the season 4 premiere, illustrator Robert Ball has been sharing a new print inspired by a death sequence from each episode every day, and the results are amazing. The prints are posted on a new site called Beautiful Death.

Tiny Teepee

I will never not share this blog. Select artists create small illustrations for Tiny Teepee based on a bi-monthly theme--and a lot of them are animated!

Terrible Cosplays

Cosplays that are so bad they're actually good. Enjoy.

C2C - "Delta" Music Video

One of my favorite animations from recent months. I could watch (and listen!) on loop forever.

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Scott Wiser said...

Great stuff. Thanks for sharing, Kendra! I enjoyed all of it...especially the animation!